Industrie Consult – More than “just” an advisor

Our most important assignment is to analyse the individual situation of our clients. Our engagement usually lasts for a longer period of time, and often we are or become personal consultants. Hence, our focus is not exclusively on the respective upcoming transaction, but on a long-term relationship with the decision-makers. Thus, we integrate our clients into our network, create fruitful relationships and additional value beyond the mandate, e.g. in the professional, charitable and private sector.


Our actions are determined by our values:


The professionalism of our work is guaranteed by the long-term experience of our senior partners: To this end, we have supplemented our M&A expertise with competencies from operational management. Our senior partners have been active as managing directors, executive board, advisory board or supervisory board members and have many years of experience in the field of medium-sized companies. This distinguishes us significantly from many other M&A consultancies and is the reason why we see ourselves as consultants to entrepreneurs.


We not only consider ourselves as a service provider for our clients, but also as their partner with a common interest to guarantee the best possible success over the entire duration of a project. We prefer long-term cooperation to short-term success. Our approach is always characterised by individuality, openness and common ground.


Our advice is independent. We work exclusively for our clients and represent their interests exclusively. Be it the identification of options for action, decision-making or implementation – the success of our clients is what drives us.