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It is our responsibility


Industrie Consult supports the Rexrodt von Fircks Foundation for Mothers with Cancer and their Children (www.rvfs.de), which has set itself the task of developing innovative concepts and supporting projects to strengthen mothers with cancer and their children and to promote healing communication within the family. In this context, special holistic rehabilitation and curative measures for mothers with cancer and their children are supported, as well as outpatient care and counseling centers in oncological treatment centers for children of mothers with cancer. Projects are also developed and supported for mothers with a relapse diagnosis and their children.

Düsseldorf teilt e.V

Düsseldorf teilt e. V. was founded in July 2019 on the initiative of vision:teilen e. V. Since 2008 vision:teilen, a Franciscan initiative against poverty and need, has been working in many places in the world for those who can no longer help themselves. Well-known projects of vision:teilen are the “gutenachtbus” as an offer of help for homeless people and the neighbour initiative “hallo nachbar!.

Düsseldorf teilt has set itself the task of promoting the numerous local projects, associations and initiatives that work for people in need in Düsseldorf. It is supported by a large network of voluntary helpers, supporters from the economy, various associations in Düsseldorf as well as by the city of Düsseldorf.

It’s for Kids

Industrie Consult is also engaged in the It’s for Kids Foundation (https://its-for-kids.de/), a donation organization for children. In addition to monetary donations, they are very active in the area of creative donations (e.g. old and dental gold, printer cartridges, old and broken cell phones, leftover currency and old currencies, etc.).

All these collected items are transformed by the Foundation and its logistics partners into donations that are forwarded to well over 200 different child protection projects. In this way, an amount of well over EUR 5 million has been collected over the years so far.