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Industrie Consult is a bank independent consulting firm in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance, which has been operating nationally and internationally since 1991. Our clients primarily include medium-sized family companies, international corporations as well as financial investors, e.g. private equity funds or family offices and institutional real estate owners. Industrie Consult is a partner in an international network of renowned M&A companies in Europe, Asia, the USA, South America and Africa and is also co-founder of the European euroMerger Group.

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We advise our clients on the acquisition and sale of companies, participations and mergers. Moreover, we assist companies and investors in the structuring and procurement of financings throughout the entire range of equity and external capital, as well as in all real estate-related issues and tasks. In more than 30 years, Industrie Consult has built up a pool of transactions that enables us to be a competent partner for our clients in all major industries and markets. Industrie Consult is a member of the Association of German M&A Advisors (VMA).


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Dieter Berghaus

Managing Partner, AVS Group

“When cooperating with an M&A consultancy, longstanding professionalism and strict confidence are of prime importance for me. Industrie Consult combines both and realizes complex transactions with profound expertise, great circumspection and the utmost discretion.”

Roger Lothmann

Managing Partner, ZAQ-Group

“Industrie Consult is a very competent and reliable partner, especially in view of long M&A processes. Its team members are very professional and consistent and always focus on the goal of the envisaged transaction. This is what makes a cooperation a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Tim Hörnemann

Managing Partner, Natsu-Group

“When cooperating with an M&A consultancy, longstanding professionalism and strict confidence are of prime importance for me. Industrie Consult combines both and realizes complex transactions with profound expertise, great circumspection and the utmost discretion.”

Jean-Marc Scéo

Président, Ekkio Capital

“Besides their high level of professionalism, Industrie Consult’s experienced consultants have great intercultural competence, which is of major importance when it comes to cross-border transactions. They have the necessary tact and sensitivity and master the often difficult balancing act between different mentalities, which are required for successfully concluding projects.”

Thomas Groß

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

“Industrie Consult advised us very successfully on the sale of a traditional brand that is important for the group. Not only the seller’s ideas had to be implemented, but also the long-standing relationship with their producers had to be taken into account. Industrie Consult analysed and identified potential buyers both at home and abroad and – with a great deal of sensitivity – led the transaction to a successful conclusion for all parties involved.”

Thierry Jeanmart

CEO, Zurflüh-Feller Group (member of EDIFY)

„Industrie Consult was recommended to us as a highly professional and renowned M&A advisor with a powerful European network and access to family owned businesses and entrepreneurs. As national market leader with a strong focus on further growth areas, Zurflüh -Feller Group therefore decided to approach Industrie Consult in the context of our international expansion strategy. During our long-term cooperation, we have benefited from their very high level of expertise, business intelligence and intercultural competence. We value the cooperation with Industrie Consult as an ideal partnership, which is driven by trust, professionalism and success.“

Peter Tix

CEO, TKH Vision 2D

“As member of TKH Group focussing on machine vision, one of the corporate vertical growth markets of TKH, we pursue our ambition to become the European technology leader for smart vision solutions. We have implemented our growth strategy in building up a group of dedicated technology leaders in the recent years. This success is based on a high level of specific knowledge and a powerful network. Industrie Consult’s support proved to be decisive thanks to their access to very well positioned niche players and excellent ability to raise and align interests of the involved parties.”

Torben Luth

Senior Partner, JZ International Ltd., UK

“JZ International specialises in investing in and growing small to medium sized businesses in partnership with founders, families, entrepreneurs and industry executives across Europe. We focus on triple bottom-line benefits across our portfolio: A strong financial return, positive social impacts, and environmental responsibility. Through our valued network we have completed over 30 platform investments across Europe. Industrie Consult has been an established part of our network for many years and is our prime partner and M&A advisor for Europe’s largest economy.”